Thank You, Next Review – Turkish Series on Netflix

The Turkish Series “Thank You, Next” was absolutely captivating. It masterfully portrayed the rollercoaster of real-life relationships, making me laugh, cry, and reminisce. It brilliantly captured the essence of today’s fleeting connections, where love bombing often leads to ghosting.

“Thank You, Next” offers an intimate exploration of the complex human heart. At first glance, it seems to follow the familiar rom-com formula, with Leyla balancing suitors old and new. But as I watched, I was drawn into its deeper layers, beneath the sparkling Istanbul backdrops and charming characters, where powerful undercurrents of emotion and realism flow.

Thank you, Next Turkish Series on Netflix

Thank You, Next is A Rollercoaster of Emotions

Ömer and Leyla’s relationship evoked memories of classic love stories. It began with perfection but gradually unraveled with the introduction of lies, mediocrity, and deception as they moved in together. Despite the growing cracks, I found myself rooting for their relationship, believing in their potential to mend and flourish with another chance. This connection resonated deeply with me, rekindling my trust in relationships—perhaps naively, as I didn’t see through Ömer’s deceit.

Thank you, Next Turkish Series on Netflix

What fueled my belief in their bond was Leyla’s parents, who, despite facing numerous challenges, managed to revive their love and move forward. It reminded me of the saying, “The end of patience is salvation.” Unlike the flawless marriages often portrayed in movies, real-life relationships are messy, yet they can still be salvaged with effort and perseverance.

Ömer and Leyla’s Relationship is a Journey of Realism

Thank You, Next

We all know couples who have weathered storms and emerged stronger, turning their trials into triumphs. I hoped that Leyla and Ömer could be one of those couples. So, it was disheartening to see Ömer continue to deceive Leyla. However, this twist injected a dose of realism into their story, reflecting the common reality of modern relationships. Today, countless couples make promises to change, to start anew, only to fall back into the same patterns. Their story mirrors the struggles many face, making it all the more relatable.

A Standout Performance by Hakan Kurtas as Cem Murathan

As for Cem Murathan, brilliantly portrayed by Hakan Kurtas, you continue to amaze me. Cem’s character was full of contradictions—initially coming across as arrogant and narcissistic, yet revealing much deeper layers over time. I’m excited to see more of Leyla and Cem in the second season. Normally, a series like this might have concluded with Leyla and Ömer’s happy ending, celebrating their shared past, loyalty, and years of knowing each other. However, I’m glad it avoided this cliché. The storyline underscored that even long-term relationships can falter, and not all stories end happily. This added depth and realism to the narrative, making it all the more compelling.

Director Bertan Basaran’s Masterful Balance

Director Bertan Basaran skillfully intertwines lighthearted moments with deeper, more poignant reflections. Leyla’s wit and charm shine through her dinner party conversations, but in her private moments, her yearning for genuine connection becomes evident. The film peels back the carefree facades to reveal lives brimming with doubts, desires, and complex histories. Through flashbacks, characters and events are given depth, and the story’s loose ends are beautifully tied up in moving climaxes.

Navigating the Intricacies of Relationships

Navigating relationships is a complex journey, devoid of clear heroes or villains. Even someone labeled as a “serial dater” like Cem holds layers of concealed pain, his genuine care for Dafne unveiling surprising depths. As old flames Ömer and Leyla reignite their connection, past mistakes resurface, testing their resolve. We find ourselves cheering for these characters, yet keenly aware of how secrets and fears can erode the very foundation of trust.

Leyla Navigating the Maze of Modern Romance

As our compass in the labyrinth of modern dating, Leyla confronts dilemmas that resonate universally with audiences. We’ve all felt the rollercoaster of new love entwined with the comfort of the familiar. Her narrative underscores the importance of self-discovery on the winding road of relationships.

With its visual eloquence and profound themes, “Thank You, Next” transcends mere romance, delving into the raw, flawed beauty of human connections. It inspires us, much like Leyla, to seek our own sense of belonging in the world of love and longing.

Istanbul Presents A Visual Feast in “Thank You, Next”

“Thank You, Next” springs to life against the vibrant backdrop of Istanbul, weaving together stylish visuals that mesmerize viewers. The series’ cinematographer expertly showcases the city’s streets, skylines, and social scenes, immersing audiences in Leyla’s fast-paced world. From colorful neighborhoods to flowing fashions, every detail captures the essence of Istanbul. Esteemed locales such as her law offices and heritage monuments exude authenticity, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Meet the Cast

Serenay Sarikaya as Leyla Taylan

Serenay Sarikaya as Leyla Taylan in Thank You, Next

Serenay Sarikaya stars in “Thank You, Next” as the talented lawyer Leyla Taylan. Although Leyla champions love, her personal experiences with heartbreak and complicated relationships have left her feeling hopeless about her own romantic prospects, especially after her ex-boyfriend’s departure.

Despite her doubts, Leyla holds on to the belief that she will eventually find a deep and meaningful connection.

Sarikaya is celebrated for her roles as Duru Durulay in “Fi,” Mira Beylice in “Ebb and Tide,” and Yesim Taskiran in “The Tulip Age.”

Metin Akdülger as Ömer

Metin Akdülger as Omer in Thank You, Next

Metin Akdülger portrays Ömer, Leyla’s ex-boyfriend, in “Thank You, Next.” After ending their long-term relationship, Ömer reappears in Leyla’s life, and she sees him as the safest choice among her potential suitors.

Though Ömer seems perfect, his history of cheating casts a shadow over his suitability for Leyla.

Turkish fans may recognize Akdülger from his roles as Atilla in “Sandik Kokusu,” Kenan in “Between the World and Us,” and Orhan Sahin in “The Club.”

Hakan Kurtas as Cem

Hakan Kurtas as Cem in Thank You, Next

Hakan Kurtas stars as Cem Murathan, a notorious playboy currently navigating his third divorce. Cem’s track record of multiple marriages leads Leyla to suspect that he quickly loses interest in his relationships. Despite this, the palpable sexual tension between them culminates in a passionate encounter one eventful night.

Kurtas is well-known for his roles as Deniz in “Full Moon,” Demir in “Crash,” and Izzet in “Body.”

 Boran Kuzum as Feyyaz

Boran Kuzum as Feyyaz in Thank you, Next Turkish Series

Boran Kuzum portrays Feyyaz, a renowned chef whom Leyla meets during an out-of-town vacation with friends. Feyyaz goes all out to impress Leyla on the night they first meet, leading to a romantic evening together. However, he ghosts her after their whirlwind encounter.

Feyyaz later meets Dafne (Cem’s first wife), and the two hit it off, but Dafne seems hesitant about the idea of a long-term relationship with him.

Kuzum is known for his roles in “Wounded Love,” “The Protector,” and “Intoxicated by Love.”

Zeynep Tugçe Bayat as Beliz

Zeynep Tugçe Bayat as Beliz in Thank you Next

Beliz, portrayed by Zeynep Tugçe Bayat, is Cem’s lawyer overseeing his divorce from Tuba.

In Episode 2, Beliz confronts Leyla (Tuba’s lawyer) by asserting that the hotel is off-limits in the divorce settlement. She ultimately offers Tuba $10 million to settle and agree to the divorce.

Bayat is well-known for her roles in “Baba,” “Afili Ask,” and “Establishment: Osman.”

Bade Iscil as Tuba Tepelioglu

Bade Iscil as Tuba Tepelioglu in Thank you, Next

Bade Iscil takes on the role of Tuba Tepelioglu, Cem’s third wife and Leyla’s client in the divorce proceedings. Tuba confides in Leyla about Cem’s negative traits, describing him as narcissistic and manipulative.

However, it soon becomes clear that Tuba herself is a walking red flag, obsessed with Cem and desperate to keep him, explaining why he prefers divorce over remaining in the marriage.

Iscil is known for her roles in “Love 101,” “Kuzey Guney,” and “Ufak Tefek Cinayetler.”

Ahmet Rifat Sungar as Sarp

Ahmet Rifat Sungar as Sarp  in Thank You, Next

Ahmet Rifat Sungar plays Sarp in “Thank You, Next,” portraying an alluring man who becomes romantically involved with Beliz.

Sarp is pivotal in the narrative, as he reveals to Leyla that he saw Ömer with his ex, Balım, the night before the wedding, cautioning her that Ömer hasn’t abandoned his cheating ways.

Sungar’s extensive filmography including standout performances in “The Funeral,” “Three Monkeys,” and “Across the Sea.”

Gülcan Arslan as Defne

Gülcan Arslan as Defne in Thank you, Next

Gülcan Arslan brings to life Defne, Cem’s first wife and a highly successful architect, in “Thank You, Next.”

Despite their divorce, Defne and Cem maintain a cordial relationship. She later embarks on a romantic journey with Feyyaz, though whether this will lead to a happily ever after remains uncertain.

Arslan is renowned for her portrayal of Leyla Candas Ates in “Back Streets” and has also appeared in “Barbaros: Sword of the Mediterranean” and “Olene Kadar.”

Sümeyra Koç as Nil

Sümeyra Koç as Nil in Thank You, Next Turkish Series

Sümeyra Koç takes on the role of Nil, Cem’s second wife, in “Thank You, Next.” Nil collaborates with Tuba to co-author a book detailing their husband’s negative traits.

Koç’s notable works include “Altin Kafes,” “The Queen,” and “Love Is in the Air.”

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